Guest Article: 9/8/2020

A question often asked about window graphics is “what can I install that would be viewable from both sides and still let light in?

There are options for two-sided window graphics like Duravinyl 463, clear bubble free vinyl and Duravinyl 305, printable barrier film that look great both outdoor and indoor but do not allow light to filter in. Perforated window films like Continental Grafix USA’s panoRama Innova film looks great on the outside, but have a black back. This allows you to see through the holes when you are viewing from indoors, but also darkens the space during the day. Without direct spotlights on the graphic at night, your window branding and imaging is lost in the dark.look great both outdoors and indoors.

A printable vinyl film that is viewable from outside and inside is Continental Grafix USA’s panoRama TwoWay Vision film. This printable translucent vinyl is applied to the outside of the window, and when viewed from inside you see the reverse side of the image. The embedded white prism in the vinyl allows light to filter into the room. At night, the embedded prism technology transmits interior lighting, backlighting the image which makes your branding and imaging still viewable at night. The white prism technology also allows printers to print translucent window graphics without the need for white ink. This is ideal for retail showrooms, car dealerships and corporate decorating.

Continental Grafix USA’s panoRama TwoWay Vision film can be applied wet or dry and has a removable adhesive, up to six months without residue.

This 6mil vinyl has an expected exterior lifespan of up to two years when properly applied. Available in a 54” width, this vinyl does not require a laminate for most applications.

For more information, please contact Quality Media & Laminating at or 800.552.9427.

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