Floor graphics took center stage in recent months due to the unprecedented global pandemic and the determination that social distancing contributes in helping slow its spread.

Incredibly versatile, floor graphics can be adhered to all types of flooring from fine marble or terrazzo flooring to low- and medium-pile carpet. Advances in adhesives and printable face films almost guarantee that there is a solution for just about every surface out there. For many businesses and retailers, the social distancing mandates may be their first experience with floor graphics, but there are all kinds of reasons floor graphics are a great addition to any business’s or institution’s messaging far beyond the reach of COVID-19.

Increase Awareness. As demonstrated with social distancing, floor graphics can have a great impact on awareness, whether the messaging is for public safety, such as maintaining a 6’ distance, brand promotion in situations where multiple brands compete for the same shopper’s dollar, in-store specials to increase awareness and drive sales, or directional signage in office buildings and stores to help avoid bottlenecks, traffic jams, or guide foot traffic to entrances and exits.

Drive Sales. Floor graphics can be an effective messaging tool in a marketing campaign by communicating directions to product display or reinforce branding with memorable graphics or phrases associated with the campaign or product.

Communicate a Message. Promote school spirit, a social cause, or simply provide information to enrich or entertain. Especially in outdoor spaces or open indoor facilities, floor graphics make great use of space outside of “traditional” wall and window surfaces where messaging is expected to be found.

An unexpected way to grab attention. A good design or a well-thought campaign can be taken to the next level when messaging shows up in unexpected places. Directional communication, safety reminders, product reminders, and in-store specials strategically placed in front of the product can garner more attention when literally placed at a patron’s feet.

Color Floor Graphic

Continental Grafix’s Walk and Wall® has always been a popular choice for floor graphics. As a printable, self-installable, one-step solution (no lamination required), it has become a go-to for many printers.  With the advent of COVID-19, floor graphics are more popular than ever before, these types of graphics are becoming a standard offering for many print service providers. What makes it so special?

  • Face Film-Walk & Wall® has a robust, textured vinyl face film. The film is printable with many different ink and device types (Eco-Solvent, Solvent, UV Digital, Screen & Litho). Additionally, its textured face has the latest certification for non-slip surfaces (ANSI A137.1/A326.3, 67212F, R12). These certifications are good for Dry and Wet conditions.
  • Fabric Backing– Walk & Wall® has a fabric back fused to the vinyl face. This creates a thicker product that makes it extremely easy to install. Also, when it is time for removal, the added thickness and durability of the vinyl/fabric construction makes it a breeze to remove (as opposed to peeling up vinyl in shredded pieces).
  • Adhesive-The back side of Walk & Wall® is coated with a solvent acrylic adhesive, protected by a silicone coated release liner. Solvent adhesive technology creates an exceptionally durable bond when needed for tough applications. It is great choice for exterior environments where weather, temperature, and moisture can be adverse factors and a strong bond is needed for durability. Additionally, the coat-weight of the adhesive is exceptional. We utilize a process that allows the adhesive to meld into irregular surfaces, creating a solid bond across the surface. From smooth polished surfaces to asphalt, the product goes down and stays down. When it’s time to remove the graphic, the adhesive releases easily – up to six months with no residue when removed properly.

Walk&Wall® is our go-to solution when our customers are looking for a premium one-part floor graphic solution. The ease of use allows us to offer our customers a worry-free solution for floor graphics and other applications where they need an easy-to-install and removable graphic.”

Gary Barker, National Sales Manager – Digital Technology Group-Tampa, FL

Bee Wall Graphic

We have been focusing on floor graphics applications, however the inherent features and benefits of the product transfer to wall applications equally as well. It adheres to many types of wall surfaces (even low VOC paints), installs easily, removes easily, and leaves no adhesive residue when removed properly. Walk & Wall™ provides a durable solution for a variety of interior and exterior wall graphics. Additionally, is has a Certified Fire Rating (ASTM E84, M1, B1), providing further peace of mind. Credit: My-SignGuy.com

“Walk&Wall® works like a million bucks! It survived the Chicago winter, came off perfectly clean, and left no residue on the surface.”

Dimitry Kuzmenko, My-SignGuy.com

In stock now for immediate shipping, Walk&Wall® is available in 48” x 82’ and 48” x 164’ rolls. Contact us today at 704.872.2216 or info@cgxusa.com for a printed hand sample, 24” x 10’ sample roll, or for a stocking distribution partner near you!

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